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About Us

City Hunter has been introduced to public since 1991 in Manhattan, New York. Since then, it has grown and obtained a reputation of maintaining high quality product at an affordable price through manipulating on-site quality control. City Hunter’s mission statement is “Be REACH-able” and it implies the aspiration of the company to reach out to anyone and everyone, whether to young people in the busiest of cities or an elderly in the countryside. City Hunter strives to serve excellence that will leave the customer wanting for more.
Today City Hunter has become one of the most competitive brand and makers of headwear globally. Its headquarters in New Jersey USA, City Hunter welcomes shoppers in a number of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and North America. Compare to its major competitors, City Hunter provides various styles of hats targeting all ages, races, and seasons via years of experience in handling custom orders according to the customers’ needs. Fabulous design, excellent customer service, and on-site quality control supervision have been paramount to the success of the company.
Never content with its current position in the industry, City Hunter aspires to grow as No.1 Headwear Company worldwide as reaching out to community wherever its product is being introduced. Not just selling high quality headwear product but creating “Headwear Culture” is its corporate philosophy and strategy to take into account of its mission statement, “Be REACH-able.”